Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Holidays

Happy Easter Everyone!  I have my parents visiting with me at the moment, and with the very welcome bank holiday giving me a long weekend off work we have been exploring the Southern Scottish countryside.  We drove up the western coast yesterday to Ayr, and I spent far too much money in the shops there.  Today we drove to the southernmost point of Scotland, the Mull of Galloway.

Unfortunately the good weather we have been enjoying has fled south, and it was a cloudy and blustery day by the lighthouse.

On a good, sunny, clear day the information in the visitor's centre said that you could see (my homeland) the Cumbrian fells in England to the east, the Isle of Man to the south, and Ireland to the west.  Alas, the weather was not that kind to us and there was no sign of Cumbria...

But we could just make out some distant hills that must have been the Isle of Man...

And similarly we could just see Ireland to the west.

It was lovely, but a bit blowy and cold, so we came home again to hot, sausage sandwiches, coffee, dvds and, for my part anyway, crochet...

I am getting on with my girly puffed daisy baby blanket, but I also haven't been able to resist trying out some ideas for a baby boys blanket.  As I'm doing flowers for a girls blanket, I really wanted to do stars for a boys blanket, but I couldn't find any designs out there that suited me.  What I wanted really was a basic 5-point star that was worked in the round, similarly to my daisy flowers, but all the patterns I could find had the points of the stars worked sideways which wasn't what I wanted.  When I started to play with a pattern myself I realised why these stars were worked sideways; it's difficult to get a good point worked in the round, but I persevered and I now have my boys star blanket pattern.  I will eventually do a photographic pattern tutorial for it, but for now I give you a sneak peek...

Happy holidays and crocheting!


  1. nice and clever idea!!
    xx Alessandra

  2. Hi Mrs. Karen,Happy Easter .Love the hexagon with the star ,Pictures are beautiful.Here we had a rainy day with lightning and thunders.

  3. hello karen,
    happy easter!!!wonderful photos from ireland!!! love your crochet work!
    today is it cold with rain.....brrrr.
    have a nice day,

  4. Karen, you live is such a beautiful place. Glad you are having a nice visit, and your crochet is gorgeous.

  5. Hello Karen!

    I was strolling through Ravelry, and saw their work!
    At the same time I was his fan, because I love crocheting colorful!
    Colors bring energy, positivity and love to our lives.
    Congratulations, I'm your follower!

    A big kiss!

    Kathia Marchand.

  6. What a great trip, much better than being stuck inside at the moment.

    Hope you've had a lovely Easter.
    Fleur xx

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