Tuesday 4 October 2011

Wrist Warmers Anyone?

Hello there,

Despite the weather here still being in the late 20s, it can't last forever, so my hook has been busy with some pure new wool wrist warmers and it is my delight to share the pattern...

Chevron Lace Wrist Warmers



Quick and easy to whip up for gifts, or just to treat yourself in some really yummy yarn....

Perfect for Autumn.

Happy Hooking Everyone.............xx

Sunday 2 October 2011

Hello Big Wide World!

Well hello, and welcome to my brand new blog!  Let me fill you in on a few things about me...

I come from Cumbria in the UK, but I moved to Fribourg in Switzerland 3 weeks ago after getting a new job as a House Manager, quite an adventure.  I've left behind my two daughters, Vicki and Emma, my two cats, Cleo and Georgie, and my Mum & Dad, Brother and family.

Emma is 20 and currently studying photography and art history at Roehampton University in London.

Georgie is just over a year old and has gone to live with my brother and his family. 

Cleo is about 17 years old and has gone to live with Vicki.

Vicki is 23, trained as a Nanny, and lives with her boyfriend Liam in Cumbria.

I can't tell you how much I miss them all at the moment.  Homesickness has well and truly set in... 
It's not just the people, it's the places; I even miss tesco! (and I'm not a lover of food shopping). 

I miss being able to communicate easily when I'm out and about - both French and German are spoken here, but mostly French and of the two languages I'm currently better at German...  I find German much easier to understand as it's quite a staccato language and even when spoken fast I can generally distinguish the words; with French however, everyone seems to be on a mission to talk as quickly as possible and the words just seem to blend together. 

I miss driving on the left, although I'm at least now not in danger of head on crashes with whichever unfortunate is driving towards me as I set off.  It's actually quite easy to drive here - they sure do like their roundabouts.

However, Switzerland is a wonderful country and there is so much here that I love.  The scenery is beautiful and the sun seems to continually shine (remember I'm from the Lake District where rain is the norm).  Everything is incredibly clean, and some things run incredibly efficiently.

Fribourg is a university town, so there are lots of students about, and I live near the university. 
I took these pictures earlier on today;

Now, another thing that I miss greatly is my HUGE yarn stash; I came over here with just my suitcase and carry on luggage, so the only thing I had room for was a few crochet hooks and a couple of balls of Cumbrian Alpaca Dk yarn -

It took me less than a week to find a source of more stash -

Current new project is the Sweet Eleanor Scarf - http://yarnandspices.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/sweet-eleanor-scarfwrap/

This is a lovely project; a lot of poeple of ravelry have commented that it is too monotonous and boring, but to be quite honest I have absolutely no staying power when it comes to boring projects and I find this quite nice to do - perhaps the colour play of the variegated yarn helps.  Anyway I'm pretty sure this is a project that will get finished.

Ok, my brain is boggled from the newness of blogging, so I'll say bye for now... xx