Sunday 8 January 2012

Hot & Cold Pillows

Happy New Year everyone!

It occured to me recently that I haven't made a plain old granny square since I was crocheting with my Nanna as a girl, so in need of a quick fix I decided to make a granny pillow.  I enthusiastically produced 16 squares, deciding to sew them together instead of join as I go, as I prefer the flat and solid effect for a pillow front.

Lovely, I thought...  I wonder what others have made on ravelry...?  I think I'll just have a look...  ...  ...

Oooooo... Summer Garden Granny Square... I like that, and my sneaky enthusiasm abandoned all thoughts of a plain old granny pillow and forced me to make summer garden granny squares instead!  Not in a totally haphazard way however... no, I wanted to put some planning into the colour selection beforehand, and I decided to separate my colours into 'hot' and 'cold' colours.

I decided to make the squares in cold colours, including charcoal and white, and then use hot colours to frame them afterwards.  And the result was -

I put the pillow together in the same was as my Groovy Granny Pillow, but I edged it with reverse single crochet, or crab stitch.  Mum has taken such I shine to it that it now lives with her...

Not content with this, my urges then forced me to try again, this time using hot colours for the circles, cold colours for turning the circles into squares, and then finishing off with hot colours again to frame everything. 

Overall I am really pleased by how they have turned out, and I may well try some more, reversing the hot and cold colour combinations.

Away from crochet I start a new job next Monday, near to Stranraer in Scotland, so I move up there on Thursday...  I hope that I settle there; the location is certainly picturesque and I'll be living very near to a gorgeous loch.  I'll post pics when I'm settled.

In the meantime, happy crafting!