Friday 15 November 2013

In Print at Last!

Hi Everyone

Just a very quick, and belated, catch up. I have been working hard, behind the scenes, on new and old patterns and my plan is to renew, and rebrand, this blog shortly with the aim that I will blog weekly (snort!) and seriously follow my dream to turn my hobby into a business. 

I didn't mean to be absent for quite this long, and I must thank all of you who have sent me concerned messages of support.  I'm afraid that my beloved Dad died recently; it happened very suddenly and came completely out of the blue.  Because of this my rebranding plans have been set back a bit longer, but in this sad time I do have some exciting news to share - I have finally had a pattern published in a magazine!

I was asked ages ago to design an 'experienced make' granny square inspired by a flamingo.  Yes..  you read correctly...  a FLAMINGO!  The pattern was to accompany the free gift given away on the cover.  I must admit to not overflowing with flamingo inspired ideas at first, but after studying masses of flamingo images you would be amazed (and possibly appalled!) at the ideas that popped into my head.  The inspiration that shone through for me came from the way the flamingos curl their heads around their bodies to sleep and I knew the square needed to be based around a spiral, along with a round of shells to suggest some plumage.  I'm very pleased with it, and while it works as a square, I particularly like to not work the final row and instead of a granny square you have a fun flamingo inspired coaster - as in the picture above.

If you would like the pattern it is in issue 8 of Crafty Magazine (the current issue) and it comes along with the gorgeous cotton pink and grey yarn my sample was made from and a crochet hook.  Along with my pattern another 2 designers have also designed flamingo inspired squares, one is a beginner square and the other is an intermediate make.  Also the magazine is full of lots of other lovely makes and inspiration!

Another light in my life recently has been an addition to my family...

Sophie came home with me after a recent visit to an animal rescue shelter and she has been acquainting herself with most of my stash ever since!  I'll introduce her properly another time.

In the meantime, happy crafting!