Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Year, New Ideas

Well hello there!

It's been quite a while hasn't it...  Sorry about that!  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year; I spent the holidays with my family back in Cumbria and it was wonderful.  It just whizzed past so quickly and before I knew it I'm back to short, dark, work-filled January days with occasional snow, but mostly rain. 

However, it hasn't all been darkness and drudgery!  The gorgeous flowers above brightened my day and I also met up with a lovely local lady called Rachel about setting up a knitting/crochet group.  There is nothing like it in the area, and it was lovely to find that Rachel was a kindred crafting spirit!  We will hold our first meeting soon, but in the meantime I have promised to make a poster to advertise the group locally and drum up some more like-minded crafters.  But I've hit a bit of a block, because I don't know what to call it.  I don't like 'knit and natter' as it makes it sound exclusive to knitters, and while 'stitch and bitch' is certainly apt I think it may put some people off...  I want the group to mainly embrace yarn crafts, any yarn crafts, but it wouldn't bother me if other crafts were sampled now and then as well.  So, I'm asking you, my wonderful readers, if you can please give me any ideas as to what to call the group?  I'd be very grateful!  We meet for the first time in a week - if by any chance any of you live locally, you are most welcome to attend!

I've been working hard on a new pattern over January, and I had hoped to have it ready by now, but unfortunately my time off has not coincided with enough bright hours to take good enough photographs to accompany the pattern.  I've taken some pictures to show you today, but I'm afraid they haven't captured the colours and are a bit dull...  I'm thinking of calling this pattern the 'Puffed Patchwork Purse' - what do you think?

It's been quite a marathon designing this, which is why it has taken me all of January.  This is the fifth version and I'm finally happy with it.  My flat is a study in evolution with neanderthal bags littering every surface - it wouldn't have surprised me to glance around and find Darwin perched at my dining table writing a paper on the origin of the puffed patchwork purse!

I think that it almost looks like cells under a microscope!  It is the perfect shape for a bag - in my opinion! - fatter at the bottom than the top, but what I particularly like about it is the size; it's much bigger than the other bags I have designed.  This is the latest colourway I am making...

Hopefully I will get the pattern written and photographed soon.

I also need to catch up with all of my favourite blogs - there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Keep well and happy crocheting!



  1. Happy New Year!
    I especially like the first version of the bag, what yarn have you used for it?
    Umm, can't think of a name for your group, we just call ours craft group so anything goes, but it's really a private group as we were already all friends - we weren't out to attract other people.

  2. I really love this bag and look forward to the pattern. I love how no matter the color scheme of the yarn - the bag looks great! Great job. Sher at

  3. I was going to suggest the 'WiP Group' but that might attract undesirables, however no matter what craft you do there is always a Work In Progress project so it would include all crafts? Good luck with the name and the group. Take care. Chel

  4. Hello, I call my group 'Catch Up & Crochet' but if you don't want it to be crochet specific maybe Catch Up & Craft??? I love the bag - looking forward to the pattern. You have loads of patterns on your blog I love and can't wait to try out! Sam xx

  5. We call our group "Cake and Craft" - you can't have crafting without cake and tea! It encompasses all crafts and it rolls off the tongue :)

  6. I see you love colour, so how about calling the group 'Colour and Craft' or something a bit more simple like calling it your Town's Craft Group? Good luck whatever name you choose :)

  7. Looking forward to the pattern. I've seen some a little similar but not as pretty. Also, the puff of the motifs is really fabulous.

  8. Happy to have you back!!!!
    your bags are wonderful and I'm in love with the last one!!!!
    Why don't you name your group "Yarn&Coffee"????? ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  9. Love your bag Karen, so gorgeous. I think a local knit/crochet group sounds wonderful, you will meet so many wonderful women.

  10. So nice to have you back! Love the purse especially the pastel colors feels like spring. Your photographs are great!

  11. de très beaux sacs a main de jolies couleurs en plus bravo a bientôt biz


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  13. Great to see you back. I love this bag and can't wait for the pattern. How about calling your group craft and chat.

  14. Hi there :)

    Just stumbled over your blog, and I'm so happy I did!
    Creative and inspiring projects all over the place! Very beautiful, colourful pictures as well.

    I particularly love the Almond Blossom Bag, and I will definitely have a go at making one soon. Your tutorial on the lily pad hexagon make them seem easy to make with the picture instructions. Easy enough for me to try even now when I am a beginner in the world of crochet.

    I will definitely be a regular visitor to your blog!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    // Michelle :)

  15. Chosen as BEST BLOG! can see my Top 10 list here...


  16. Can't wait for the pattern - I think I will splash out and make it with some Noro for the colours. Heres hoping you find lots of time! Thank you so much for bothering :-)

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  18. Hi from new follower, Jo - also on blogger as JustJo & facebook as Crafty Gifts & Cards....
    Loving your bright fresh crochet - it's beautiful.
    Jo. xx

  19. Hi Karen,
    I'm always in a similar situation as yours. I wish a day had more hours. seriously.... :P
    I've made your almond blossom bag :-) I just saw it and instantly fell in love with it. thank you so much for that descriptive pattern :-)
    waiting for this bag's patter too. will surely try it out.
    I want to try out your raspberry bag. your blanket, granny bobbles... oh god i have so less time :(
    Nevertheless, I try my best to find some time :-)
    Just dropped in to say Great work!!!!

  20. Please let me know how my version of your almond blossom bag has turned out. I've tried using almost the same colours, but I didnt get your Khakhi shade, so I have used dark brown. your feedback would be very useful for me :-)

  21. Un deleite venir a tu blog!!! Linda creacion, como todo lo que haces!!!!

    Buen fin de semana Karen!!!

    Come to your blog is a delight! Linda creation, as all you do!!!

    Good weekend Karen!!!

  22. Love this bag! I would love to get the pattern. I am in need of a bag to pack my 1 year olds little toys in for church and i think this bag would be perfect! :o)

    1. BTW, this is my husbands Blogger

  23. Beautiful. Would love this in a solid color!!!!

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