Sunday 4 November 2012

Just because...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the great response from my last post, and when I have a bit more time I will start to publish some of the patterns I featured.  It's a bit full on at work at the moment, but I really want to make the effort to post more regularly, and so I thought I would just pop by and share with you what has inspired me this weekend.

I bought the fabric charm pack above recently to try my hand at some quilting, and Saturday morning saw me laying all of the squares out and admiring the gorgeous colours.  I loooooooooooooove pink, red and aqua, and have been lusting after some of the wonderful fabrics available online at the moment for ages. (Living in the back of beyond as I do, I'm afraid I don't have the luxury of having lots of wonderful fabric, or yarn, shops around, so I have to buy online) I saw this charm pack on folksy and thought it perfect; back at home I'm slightly disappointed that the aqua is slightly more green than I would have liked, and so I've decided to put off my quilting for now until I have bought some more fabric (any excuse!!)  So, sewing out of the window, what's a girl to do but see if she has the right colours in yarn....  and what do you know.....

I just couldn't help myself.

Bright little girly grannies appeared as if by magic...

These are loosely based on the Summer Garden Granny Square from Attic 24, but as ever I had to do it my way and changed a couple of things...  If you would like to magic up some of your own here is the pattern...

I used a 4.5 mm hook, dk yarn, american crochet terms.  Standard abbreviations and at the start of every row the 1st dc is worked with a chain 3.

To start, ch 5 (counts as 1st dc & ch 1);  (dc 1, ch 1) 7 times into the 5th chain from hook. [So you have 8 dcs each separated by a ch 1].  Join to top of 3rd starting chain with a sl st.  Fasten off.

Now into each space work 3 dc, ch 1.  Join with a sl st and fasten off.

For the final round work * (dc 3, ch 2, dc 3) in space, ch 1, (3 hdc) in space, ch 1; repeat from * 3 times more.  Join with a sl st and fasten off.

I'm making them just because...  but if I make enough I may use them for a small/baby blanket to sell in my shop.

Enjoy.............  by the way, I love these cushions I picked up in dunelm mills...

I went in to buy just plain square cushion inserts, but these were on special offer and with 5 cushions for £10 they were cheaper than just buying cushion pads... result!

I hope you all have a wonderful week :-)

Happy crocheting



  1. Love your little squares! Great colors for Christmas and Valentine's as well as anytime.

  2. your fabric and little squares are sooooo good for my eyes and my soul!!!! ;oD
    thank you for sharing, xxxxx Alessandra

  3. I love the colors, too, and how you've combined them. Gorgeous!

  4. LOVE LOVE the colours. So yummy!

  5. Those colors are AMAZING!!!! Great choice, and the grannys are going to look great. Can´t wait to see all of them together...

  6. Happy Sunday Mrs Karen!....nice project red,white,pink....everything is looking lovely...can't wait to see ti done.:0)

  7. Karen, love all your colorful projects. Great pillows.
    Happy Sunday,

  8. so glad to see you again Karen, it is always nice when you pop in for a bit of a chat! I do hope you can stay longer next time, I promise I'll make cookies! Love the pink colors, my favorite...I would have everything in my life pink if the hubby would allow it! love and prayers sweetie! ~Cara Louise

  9. Hi Karen, your blog is absolutely adorable. your grannys and patterns are wonderful. I just love your blog and hope to read more from you. I like crocheting myself, maybe you'd like to drop by my blog sometime. Love, Claudia

  10. Love your girlie grannies and your new pillows, Karen. As I sit home tonight with both wrists in splints paying the price for 25 years of working on keyboards, I sincerely appreciate vicariously enjoying your projects while I'm on the sidelines. You're a great inspiration to keep me plodding through physical therapy and injections. Thank you!

  11. Hello, my name is Laurence, i'm french. I love your blog and your crochet things. Thank you for your last post, i know you better now. I love your punchy grannys ♥

  12. Lovely colour combination Karen, and if I wasn't so busy with Christmas knitting I would join you in making these sweet little squares. They are so pretty I'm sure I will find the time soon. :o)

  13. There's only one word for it Karen: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L :-)

  14. There's another word too- GORGEOUS! I just love Dunelm Mill- what a bargain! Love the squares too. Cathy.

  15. It's only the Americans that have a quilt shop on every corner. I live practically in the city centre and don't have a quilt shop anywhere near.

    I do believe that fabric is Tilda! Gorgeous.

    if you want real red, aqua and pink, go for Bonnie and Camille for Moda - Bliss, Ruby, vintage Modern and Marmelade are their ranges so far.

  16. So cute! Love the granny squares and the charm pack pattern and color themes.

  17. as usual.. very "Karen"! luv luv luv it!

  18. Crochet, Colours and Castle....just love it all. Your blog is fab and so inspirational....thank you for sharing

  19. Thanks for your visit, for me a great honor!
    I hope you to see the link above your beautiful flower here

    Thanks for making and sharing beautiful work.

  20. Hello Karen,
    I have to agree with you!!!
    This combination of colours goes extremely well together....very striking!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  21. Love at first sight!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  22. Love, love, love these colors!!! Do you mind if I ask what yarn this is? I quilt and my favorite fabric is anything by Bonnie and Camille because they use a lot of pink, red, white, aqua and gray. I find that combo so pleasing to the eye! Thank you for sharing.

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