Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas Crocheting!

Just a quick post to wish you all a very happy, happy Christmas, and I hope that at this very busy time of year you manage to snatch some time to yourself for some crafting moments!!

I am very lucky to have all of my family together in Cumbria to celebrate Christmas this year; wonderful!

Of course I can't let Christmas pass by without a sneaky little early festive indulgence for myself, and my Yuletide treat this year is a new camera.  It's a Canon Powershot A3300 IS, and I'm thrilled with the photos I'm taking...  For the first time the pics of my, let's face it frankly loud & flashy, creations are coming out vibrant and vivid and most importantly the colours are true to life... perfect! 

My Granny Bobble Blanket isn't getting a look in at the moment due to compulsive hexagon production... I'm hooked!

Happy Christmas Crocheting!


  1. Dear Karen, As all the time, these crochet flowers are wonderful. I wish you and your family merry christmas and happy new year...

  2. Hi Karen!!super pictures!! Enjoy your wonderful present!! This blanket is going to be magnificent...
    Have the best Christmas Day ever!!

  3. I just recently found your blog and I love your crocheting!! Beautiful colors and beautiful work :)

  4. Woooow thats soooo lovely.
    I like your crochetprotjekt very match.

    greatings send you Conny

  5. I am loving these hexagons! Your blanket looks fab!

  6. Hello!

    Today I am very happy because I found your beautiful blog! I love all your patterns, pictures and all the colours.

    Is it OK if I link to your blog and borrow some pics of the bobbling blanket and put on my blog?

    Best regards from Ann in Sweden

  7. I love your hexagons. I've started making some myself and think I'm hooked! Thank you so much for sharing this fab pattern.