Saturday 26 November 2011

Bobbling along!

Good Morning,

I'm sharing some bobble love today; I'm up to 27 rounds on my Granny Bobble Blanket and it's now big enough to keep me cozy as I crochet - very welcome as it has been blowing a gale and hurling down odd showers of hailstones here in Cumbria for the last few days.

It will need to be blocked to produce a perfect square, but for a general throw it is not too far off - I don't think I will bother as it pulls into shape well enough for me!  I'm loving it too much to finish now, but I think that I will tweak the pattern and try again when this is completed.

I'm quite fond of the back too - but the bobbles win every time!

Have a great weekend and happy crocheting!


  1. Hi from Denmark ;)
    I saw your granny blanket on Ravelry, and then I found my way to your blog. I think you make beautiful things and I'd like to follow You.

    Best wishes from Denmark

  2. It is wonderful. So nice colors. I like your blog very much. And keep following. Best best wishes..

  3. I'm just catching up on reading blogs and saw Tangled Happy's link to your blog! I'm so glad I found you! This bobble blanket is amazing! I am in BIG love with bobbles. And I took one look at its size - before even reading your words - and figured it was taking major time for those larger rounds! I've been making a bobble blanket in rows, and I know well how long they take! But I'm in LOVE with this pattern in rounds! Your colors are fabulous! Annette (aka "Petunia Pill")

  4. Wow, what a fab blanket! I've been doing an ordinary giant granny blanket, but now I'm on round 36 (or something) and each round takes over an hour, I'm bored of it!

  5. Ohh this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. found u through google images googling "crochet bobbles". So happy I found your blog. Your stuff is so creative and fun. Love it all!